Almond Butter

Try our delicious almond butter in your bakes, desserts, smoothies and of course slathered on top of something! 

£5.50 (190ml)

Brazil and Sunflower butter

We love the unusual, savoury and moreish qualities of this nut butter. It goes down a treat on bread but try using in salad dressings as well! 

£5.50 (190ml)

Cashew Butter

Smooth and naturally sweet, this one. Children love it. Great in desserts, biscuits, sarnies and on top of stuff. 

£5.50 (190ml)

Hazelnut Butter

Praline delight, in a jar. Presenting to you my beautiful hazelnut butter. It's crunchy, rich and very satisfying. Gorgeous on toast with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

£5.50 (190ml)

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a beloved classic. Ours is crunchy because that’s the way we love it. Enjoy on toast, in sarnies with banana, or in a spicy dressing for noodles – the possibilities are endless! 

£3.50 (190ml)

Pecan Butter

Simply the most luxurious nut butter you’ll ever eat! It’s rich, sexy and rather special. Give it to someone you love. Or, scoff the lot on your own, in private. This one is also a great drizzler – try it on porridge or pancakes. 

£7.50 (190ml)

Holy Hygge!

Holy Hygge! A delicious chocolatey nut butter, guaranteed to evoke feelings of 'hygge' - the joy of life's simple pleasures. Roasted hazelnuts and cashews blended with cocoa and vanilla for the ultimate cosiness in a jar.

£6.50 (190ml)

Hot Peanut Butter

Featuring Brighton Hot Stuff's fiery Reaper chilli blend, this crunchy Peanut Butter slowly builds to become hot & smoky. Try it with cucumber as a dip or mix with lime juice for a killer noodle dressing!

£3.75 (190ml)

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