A nutty time to get buttery!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

As the new owners of Katie's Nuttery, we have to admit that we've taken over at a rather odd time, to say the least! While we have faced some unique challenges by taking over this business at the time of the Corona Virus, it has also afforded us some opportunity, as our other businesses, a cake making business and a cafe, are currently closed. Having some lovely, healthy, vegan nut butters to sell is great. Obviously, there are some changes we needed to make but lots that we don't want to change at all.

Things change...

A major change is that the whole operation has moved from Brighton to Henfield, where we have much more space to make the delicious nut butters. Fortunately, we were able to make this move before everything got shut down, with a little (or a lot!) of help from Kingfisher Electrics, who got our kitchen all powered up for us. At the start of the shut down, we had a bit of difficulty getting enough nuts in to make our butters but that situation resolved itself quickly, so we have been cracking on with nut buttering. With the need to take things online in the current situation, we have added an online shop to the website, so no-one misses out on their favourite nut butter. We still deliver in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding area, or can post your order further afield.

Things stay the same...

Everyone's favourite Katie's Nuttery flavours are still going to be available and many of the same stockists are still selling them including Harriet's of Hove, Health Rebels, Infinity Foods, Real Patissiere, The Open Bakery and Florence Road Market, who have taken their wonderful market online. Katie's Nuttery remains a family run business (just with a different family) so you'll get the same great service as well as love and care going in to making our products. They're all still 100% vegan and made with the same exceptional quality, natural ingredients.

Being bakers and cafe owners too, we love nuts! We are very glad to advise anyone that asks about ways to eat our delicious nut butter in sweet and savoury dishes. In these difficult times too, we are very pleased that nuts are so good for us. Did you know, that half a cup of almonds gives you pretty much your whole days worth of Vitamin E, which is an essential vitamin in fighting off viruses? Now you do! We wouldn't claim, in a million years, that eating nut butter will stave off COVID-19 but it's nice to know that our nut butters are packed with vitamins and healthy fats with absolutely nothing nasty added, to help your all around health and well-being.

We are absolutely delighted to be the new owners of Katie's Nuttery, despite everything which has happened and the challenges we are all facing in this current situation. We are looking forward to making lots of delicious nut butter (being able to stop eating it constantly ourselves!) and dealing with lots of lovely nut butter fans. If there is anything you would like to know about our products or how we can get them to you, please email us on

Until next time! Emma and Andrea

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